Customized Nutritional Counseling Services

At B Nutritious, we provide customized, one on one nutritional counseling services intended to help you meet your nutritional goals and create an eating lifestyle tailored to meet your specific needs.


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The Diet Detox — Why Your Diet Is Making You Fat and What to Do About It

We’re addicted to fad diets, cleanses, and programs that promise miracles in minutes. But when diets have expiration dates, so do the results. After those popular 30-day diets end, people slide back into the same bad habits that led them to gain weight in the first place. Nationally recognized nutrition expert Brooke Alpert has seen this happen far too often. She knows that in order to lose the weight and keep it off, you must develop habits that will help you stop dieting and start eating well for the rest of your life—not just the rest of the month. Read more…

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Your diet is making you fat. Forget the fads and finally lose weight for good with 10 simple rules—and no BS.


B Nutritious Mission Statement

Nutrition has a major impact on our everyday lives. Learning to eat the right way can greatly change how your body feels and what you are able to accomplish.

We firmly stand against deprivation and fad diets. Instead, by making the right choices for both eating and living, we believe that your optimum health is just a bite away. As we say at B Nutritious, “Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well.”

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