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TestimonialIt was years of yo-yo dieting, Weight Watchers, and nutrition counseling gone wrong that lead me to Brooke. She goes far beyond simply telling you what to eat, and instead works on helping you form new habits, break long-held patterns, and plan meals based on your schedule, which is especially helpful while eating out and traveling. She is also one of the only nutritionists I've ever met that seems to have a truly healthy attitude towards food. She approaches her clients with a mix of genuine compassion and practical guidance. She teaches you how to eat not just for weight loss but for the rest of your life. Working with her I have lost and maintained weight successfully for the first time in my life, a feat that that I am forever grateful for and would never have been able to accomplish without her services and care. — J.R editor

TestimonialBrooke's no-nonsense, tough love approach made me reevaluate my relationship with food and ultimately myself. She truly knows what she is talking about: I've lost weight, kept it off, and have truly never felt better about myself. In short: Brooke, you changed my life. — Simona

TestimonialI lost 15lbs gradually over two months, and it’s still off! I owe it all to B Nutritious. I’m so thankful to have found Brooke. She’s like having a healthy-eating coach for life! — H. Mitchell


TestimonialI had my baby via C-section and couldn’t lose the pregnancy weight no matter what I tried. Luckily I was referred to B Nutritious via my new mommy-support group. Thanks to B Nutritious I was able to lose the pregnancy weight over a span of 4 months, and some. I went from a size 10 down to a size 4, and now my husband can’t keep his hands off me! — Mila P.

TestimonialI only thought people went to a nutritionist to lose weight. After feeling so tired all last winter, my friend suggested that maybe my eating habits were to blame and suggested I go to B Nutritious as she did. After a few sessions with Brooke, I started feeling better and even had extra energy to start going to the gym. Brooke worked with the foods I loved and within the hectic life I live and helped me make a few small changes that made a huge difference! — Kevin



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