We offer customized services to fit your lifestyle.

Weight Loss

In your initial 1-hour consultation, your dietitian will  create a specific plan just for you. Based off of the B Nutritious philosophy, your plan will be customized to set you up for success with losing weight. Each 30 minute follow-up session will be tailoring your plan to meet your needs, weigh-ins and counseling to ensure successful weight loss.


A poor diet and lifestyle affects more than just the scale, it affects everything in your life. Let us help you sleep better, eat better and feel better!

Sports Nutrition

Whether you are training for a marathon or simply just want to keep up in gym classes, our customized nutrition counseling will help you meet your goals. With an emphasis on properly timed and proportioned meals and snacks, our diet plan will help you reach the finish line.

Pre/Post Natal

What to eat when you are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or just had a baby can be very confusing. During our sessions, we will clearly breakdown which foods to avoid and which foods are best for you and your baby. Safe weight loss is focused on for postnatal clients during and after breastfeeding.

Bridal Preparation

The big day approaching is stressful enough, not to mention the pressure to look amazing in your dress. During our sessions we will come up with appropriate weight loss goals and how to achieve them. Working within your timeline, dress fittings and those all too important food tastings we’ll help you become the most beautiful bride.

Food Intolerance Testing

B Nutritious offers Pinner Test Food Intolerance Test, a Microarray IgG method Lab test that reports intolerances for 200 food items.

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